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Formative years

Reading this is like looking at my childhood. I was regularly praised by teachers and my parents for being smart, because, well, I was smart. Unfortunately, I have always relied upon that innate intelligence instead of expanding on it. At least now I have a better understanding of why. Yeah, I'm lazy, yeah, I give up too easily. But now I have a much better idea why, and I want it to change.

So how do I do it? Yeah, the brain is changeable, but how do I change it? Any ideas? The stuff in the article is about how to not fuck up your kids by overpraising them. Well, I'm already fucked up from it, and I'd bet a lot of the people reading my lj are similar. So is there some way to work at it to change, other than by totally altering my behaviors, ie, working at stuff I don't like doing because I have no knack for it? I guess it's time to do some research.

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