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I am so proud of my country right now.

Note to the rest of the world: Your hillbilly cousins elected the first minority president of any first world nation. Try to keep up.
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For the folks reading this that play MMOs, which is probably the majority of you, I've recently started writing articles/entries for Kill Ten Rats, an MMO blog. Only 3 up so far, including an intro post, but there's a lot of interesting articles from other folks there as well.
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Formative years

Reading this is like looking at my childhood. I was regularly praised by teachers and my parents for being smart, because, well, I was smart. Unfortunately, I have always relied upon that innate intelligence instead of expanding on it. At least now I have a better understanding of why. Yeah, I'm lazy, yeah, I give up too easily. But now I have a much better idea why, and I want it to change.

So how do I do it? Yeah, the brain is changeable, but how do I change it? Any ideas? The stuff in the article is about how to not fuck up your kids by overpraising them. Well, I'm already fucked up from it, and I'd bet a lot of the people reading my lj are similar. So is there some way to work at it to change, other than by totally altering my behaviors, ie, working at stuff I don't like doing because I have no knack for it? I guess it's time to do some research.
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Let's run down the weekend:

stina_leicht came up on Friday to visit and stay with us during a convention. Unfortunately, she got turned around by the Dallas roads and ended up calling twice for guidance. Due to my misunderstanding, I ultimately had to drive out to her and guide her in. We all had a nice visit while she was there after that, tho.

My computer melted down Saturday morning. Required replacing every component but the hard drives and the case to resolve. On the plus side, I basically have a new good gaming rig paid for by the company. Of course, it totally freaked out on Sunday morning, primarily due to the fact that the Intel-standard heatsink wasn't cooling it enough, and it was getting to 100 C, then shutting down. Another trip to the store for an aftermarket heat sink/fan fixed that.

We had the exterminator and the A/C maintenance guys come in Saturday morning/early afternoon as well. The exterminator was in and out quickly. The A/C guys were there for four hours. The unit had mold in it, and the compressor had corroded through. We ultimately ended up having to buy an entire new HVAC unit.

During the recent reflooring that resulted from our little flood right before Christmas, they had to pull up the toilets. I had already put the one in the guest room down, but the one in the master bath sat in our tub until Saturday afternoon. Karina asked me to get it down, so I put the wax seal in place, put the toilet in and was fastening the second bolt when there was a sudden "snap." The base of the bolt had corroded through and would need to be replaced before the toilet could be used. Unfortunately, the only way to replace the bolt is to pull the toilet back up first. So now it sits, waiting for the unwary that may try to sit on it, until I get a chance to go to Lowe's and pick up a replacement wax seal and bolt kit.

Monday, I had to stay home from work so the A/C guys could come and install the new unit. They got it all in with no apparent problems, and it did cool the house nicely, while pulling moisture out of the air. It's quiet, too, which is nice. Unfortunately, as we found when we woke up this morning, the heating unit doesn't seem to work right. It was about 60 degrees at 6:30 this morning, and the "heater" was running, but it was mostly recirculating cool air and warming it just slightly. They're supposed to come out tonight and take a look at it. I think I know what they messed up, so it should be about a ten minute fix, I hope.
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Amusingly, I'm also Superman.

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I got one. It rocks. A friend of mine works at a Gamestop nearby and held one for me. Karina and I had a coup el of friends over on Sunday and we ended up spending something like four hours just playing Wii Sports. the game that comes with the system. I also picked up the new Legend of Zelda game, but, honestly, as much fun as it is, I think I'm going to be on Wii Sports for a few days, even as simple as it is.

So, in all, great system. Oh, and you don't need a memory card if you decide to get one. There's enough on-system memory to keep you happy for a little while. Also, grab an extra controller and nunchuk, because the system is tons more fun if you can play with other folks. The only thing I haven't liked so far is that the wireless seems touchy. I may be switching to a wired connection for it.
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